Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry I Haven't been around!! Glitters for you!

I know it's been almost two weeks since my last post! I'm sorry, I really do feel badly. I finished finals last week and hopped right into working 9 hours a day.. so I'm a bit tired but I'm getting back on track!

Hopefully you still like me :D

I've got 'Party of five glitters' from Wet N Wild Fast Dry on my nails today. This is three coats with no base or top. Obviously this is a topper, but I like the look of straight glitter nails, lol. With another coat I'm sure this would have looked better.

I decided to compare 'Party of Five Glitters' with Milani's 'Gems'
These are both two coats with no base and no top

Both polishes have large silver hexagonal glitters, small hexagonal red glitters,
small hexagonal green glitters, and small pink glitters.
'Gems' also has a large auburn/orange hexagonal glitter

Pointer and Ring fingers have 'Party of Five Glitters'
Middle and Pinky fingers have 'Gems'

 If you want more glitter payoff definitely go with 'Gems', but if you just want a cute glitter top coat go with either!


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