Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bubble White..does it really work?!

 I'll let you decide! If you read my China Glaze Island Escape post, you probably read that 'Blue Iguana' dyed my nails blue because I was dumb and didn't use a base coat. In my defense the polish was only on my nails for 30 minutes and I sure didn't think it would DYE them!!! ack!

I also spend a considerable amount of time on YouTube. I follow sayanythingbr00ke there and she did a post on Bubble White, which can be purchased at Sally's. It is a packet or tub of white granules. The directions say to take off your polish, use warm water and soak for five minutes. I timed five minutes the first time I used it.. eh results.. this time I left my nails in for ten minutes and..sweetness!!

Now I'm not saying that Bubble White whitened my tips and my nail bed to a full white and it was crazy wonderful! but it did do a decent job. it smells okay, not too fum-y. And it has WONDERFUL moisturizing effects. Soooo nice on my cuticles! Check it out!!

Ahh 'Blue Iguana' you crafty b*****d!

 So those four were obviously my dyed nails and these next four are after ten minutes in Bubble White and a nail brushing. What do you think?!

 Thanks for reading! Have a great night!!


  1. I posted the very same post yesterday! I was not impressed with Bubble White. For me, it didn't do anything, I couldn't see any difference. I did like the moisturiser effects though.

    It does look like it has worked on your nails though, the tips seem whiter :-)

  2. Wow what a great product. Not sure Sally here in UK do it, I must look out for this. Great.

  3. Nicole! I agree the moisturizing effects definitely out weigh the whitening. And really I just wanted my nails not to be blue lol! My mom used it too and it didn't do anything for her either..i'm not sure why that would be lol.

    pkbmum. well i hope you can find some! or some that will whiten better! lol

  4. I was at my cousin's and she had this awesome pink but she didn't have any base coat (shocked) but I still went for it and now my nails are stained orange, I might try this out too to see if it helps :)

  5. Def try it out. mine aren't all the white yet, but hopefully using every two weeks they will be lol


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