Friday, May 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Prism

 So I was going through my parents storage shed with my mom the other day and she saw that I had a box of stuff there. Whilst going through it, I found some gems!! One being an OLD OLD bottle of Sally Hansen Nail Prism in 'Emerald Amethyst'. I want to say I bought this in either late Junior High or early High School. Either way, I got this about 10 years ago lol. I remember buying this because I was on a birthstone kick and amethyst is my birthstone lol.

On to the swatches!!. This was two coats but could be fully opaque in one. I used 'Nail Life Gripper' as my base. The only real complaint is that it never really dried. Even the day after I applied it, I hit my nail. It would regularly chip there, but the polish just scrunched up life it was still wet. It was still pretty permeable even after a top coat.

These pics are coming out like a steely grey, but 'Emerald Amethyst' is actually like a muted olive color that changes to a steely purple color when you move your nail.

Yes, those are strawberry shortcake band-aids. I cut a considerable chunk out of that finger two days ago. That nail still has the nail polish I was wearing on that day lol. Every time I take off the bandage I just wrap it right back up... sooooo painful!!

These last few i took without flash to try and show you the actual colors.

Do I talk/type to much in my posts? It just seems like everything has a backstory lol. Anyway, Thanks for reading! Have a great night!


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