Polish Wish List

China Glaze
    OMG Collection
    Anchor's Away Collection
    Watermelon Rind
    Kicks Collection
    Bohemian Escape
    Passion in the Pacific
    Sun Worshiper
    Towel Boy Toy
    Kiwi Coolada
    Yellow Polka Dot
    Metro Collection
     Black Shatter
     Silver Shatter
     DS Original
     DS Sapphire
     DS Extravagance
     DS Glamour
     DS Desire
     DS Illuminate
     DS Mystery
     LPAD Matte
     LPAD Suede
     Texas Collection
     Serena Williams Grand Slam
     Katy Perry Collection
     Shrek Collection
     The "It" Color
     Green-Wich Village
     Dating a royal
     Red my fortune Cookie
     Suzi says Feng Shui
     Bling Dynasty
     Jade is the new black
     Hot & Spicy
     A good man-darin is hard to find
     Mad as a Hatter
     Absolutely Alice
     Ski teal we drop
     Alpine Snow Matte
     Alpine Snow
     Russian Navy
     Russian Navy Matte
     Gargantua Green Grape Matte
     La Paz-itively Hot
     La Paz-itively Hot Matte
     You don't know Jacques
     You don't know Jacques Matte
     You don't know Jacques Suede
     We'll always have Paris Suede
     Suzi skis in the Pyrenees Suede
     Grow up already
     Simmer and Shimmer
     Show it & Glow it
     Bring on the blong
     Aragorn tomorrow
     Elphantastic Pink
     Do you lilac it?
     Strawberry Margarita
     I only drink Champagne
     Curry up and don't be late
     Pirates of the Caribbean Collection
     Mod about you
     No room for the blues
     Don't know.. Beets me!
     Haley's Comet
     Space Cadet
     Out of this world
     Galaxy Girl
     Lunar Eclipse
Wet N Wild Mega Last
     Bloom Collection
     Toxic Nature Collection
Catherine Arley
Sephora by O.P.I.
      Cab Fare
      Call your mother
      Charge It!
      Domestic Goddess
      Metro Chic
      Never enough Shoes
      Run with it
      Too good for him