Saturday, April 23, 2011

Semi-New Sinful Colors

Well technically these aren't really really new, but a few months Lol. I recently went to my walgreens and picked up some new colors. Unicorn and Fig. I wasn't going to pick up either of these, but I saw so many awesome swatches I had to!

I also tried something I never had before... Polka Dots.. this is a Polka Dot Fail :)

 Unicorn is two coats, with no base coat and no top coat.

Unicorn is a yellow creme without shimmer or sparkle. It is light yellow, and perfect for Easter-time/ Spring time.This is a perfect canary yellow, and sort of what I think of when singing "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini" lol.

This is pretty goopy, and really not my favorite. It looks so amazing in the bottle and the color does pretty transfer to the nail, but it's formula is kind of ridiculous

 Fig is two coats, although it could be opaque in one if your coat was thick enough.

I love this color!! it is a perfect berry shimmer. It stands between a fuchsia and purple.. with just enough shimmer to sparkle in the sun, but not be gaudy.

I would love this color for a little pop of color in fall/winter months, but this close to summer and I'm still loving it!

 I did this with a toothpick. They are not straight, nor in unison. But it was my first time and I'm pretty darn proud :)

All I did was put some of Unicorn on a piece of paper, dip the end of the tooth pick in and dot it on my nail.

I noticed the more polish I put on the tooth pick the more dense and bigger the dot would be.

Anyway.. I lubbs dem:) they're cute together

This is during removal. I thought this was toooo funny..

Thanks for reading!! Have a great night!


  1. Great dots for a first time! As far as the dots getting larger - just make sure to wipe off the toothpick on a paper towel after every few dots so they stay a uniform size.

  2. I have to admit that sinful nail polishes aren't bad & prices are good
    Love the light yeloowish one..=)
    Tho I would like to givee you a tip:
    try using Avon nail corrector pen for the tight reallly works ..=)

  3. Thanks ABOP! I def need some practice. I'll have to try that Jessy! thanks!


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