Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gray's Anatomy.. I don't even watch that show

I bought a ton of Wet N Wild Fast Dry polishes when they came out in late 2010. I haven't worn too many of them, but I really have been meaning to! so last night, I did!

This is 'Gray's Anatomy' This is four coats, with no base or top coat.

First thoughts: a bit sheer, reminds me of putting an alien's skin on my nails lol. Gray's Anatomy is a steely gray, with a purplish color, and also a sea foam-ish green. This is pretty opalescent. I really like it, although I had to build it up, and that I'm not too sure about it

On to the pictures!

ahh!! my tips!!

Well thanks for reading.. have a great day


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