Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sally Beauty Supply buy two get one free!!! mwah!!

so I walked into Sally's to see if they knew when they were getting CG Anchor's Away in, and instead saw a massive awesome sale!!!!!!!  Ahahahahaha!! I thought I was gonna die of happiness!!! So since they didn't have any new shipments in, I just checked out what they had and picked up some new China Glaze polishes.
Right to Left: Rose Among Thorns, Fairy Dust, and Strawberry Fields

Rose Among Thorns is an awesome matte neon. Although it's a neon, it isn't too terribly bright.

Fairy dust is a clear jelly base with mirco holo and silver glitter. If you want full coverage it will take three or four coats.

Strawberry Fields is a bright pink with gold and pink micro glitter. So beautiful!

Post's with all three will be coming soon!

                           Thank you so much for reading. Ya'll have a great night!


  1. Great picks! I have to go hit up a Sallys ASAP! thanks for sharing cant wait to see the swatches looking forward to Strawberry fields

  2. Ya I really like these too. Hope you get some good picks too! :)

  3. Pretty colors, I need to have Fairy Dust. :-)

  4. I know how you feel.. I hadn't ever seen it there before and there was only one bottle so I swooped it up lol


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