Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Swatches

Sorry I haven't posted in four days. I just got off of spring break and back to school and Wham! I'm back to too many hours and too much homework :)

Here are some random swatches that I've had lying around. I'll start with new swatches soon. I also want to start using my Bundle Monster plates and Konad plates for some nail art for ya'll. So anyway.. Have a great day!!!

This is Revlon 'Ocean Breeze' From their new scented collection
And let me say! Smelled just like I was at the beach!!

This was two coats, It is a little steaky, but it was probably just operator error, due to it being 4AM:)

This is two coats of Oke Doke 'Camo Loco'. I wasn't going to buy this at first, but I saw so many swatches that I loved so I ended up buying it. I love it!!

This is two coats of Oke Doke's 'Goldilocks'. I could have done three coats, but in person it doesn't look so sheer.

This is Wet N Wild Craze, in 'Inferno'. I LOVE this color!!! It is more orange in person. Again, I could have gone three coats but it doesn't look this sheer in person. Just a lively orange *Drools* :)

Like that dent on my middle finger? :)

This is two coats
Wet N Wild Craze in 'Morbid'. It is a dark almost alpine green color. It has blue/silver shimmer in it, depending on how you hold it to the light.
This is two coats

Wet N Wild Megalast in 'Under Your Spell'. This is a dark red, almost like a wine color. this has shimmer in it. I love this color! I can't wait until fall, this will be my go to color!
This is two coats

Wet N Wild Megalast in 'Through the grapevine' A perfect purple pink. I love this color!! It dries to almost like a plastic finish!! I love love love it!!

This is three coats of Sinful Colors 'Why Not' So pretty!!! I love this blue. It's bright enough to wear on sunny days, but also just a blue you could wear to class, or work. It doesn't blind, or make you think "what the heck were they thinking?"


  1. Hi! Great swatches - I got Sinful's Why Not recently and it looks amazing on you!

  2. Thanks so much! Yes I love that color! What do You think of it?

  3. Wow, some gorgeous shades here, lovely xx


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