Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reading Cosmo and what do I see?!

So I got my new Cosmo with Hayley Williams from Paramore on the cover. So about 7 pages in.. I see what I've been drooling about for at least a month now.. check it babes
April's Cosmo w/ Hayley Williams
I love this rocker chick!

My flash had something against 'Stranger Tides' and 'Silver Shatter' :) Just didn't want me to share the goodness with you:)

The flash is over the bottle but you can read the
caption.. love it!
Thanks for reading..I plan on buying them when they come out on May 1st:)

Have a great evening!


  1. Loving the silver shatter, I'm excited to see swatches of it show up in more places!
    And omg can I just say that I only now realized you're from LA too?! Isnt that cool! I'm a dork, I know ;) I live in Pollock! So we live like less than an hour apart. Maybe the Internet isn't such a big world after all! Lol

  2. Oh me too! I can't wait til it comes out! That's so awesome! I guess It isn't that big of a place at all! Lol


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