Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mmmm beetles!! Warning: there are BUGS in this post!

I picked up Hard Candy's Beetle about a month ago and didn't really want to swatch it, because it's not fall/winter and I really just wanted to swatch Bright and Shiny things:)

But last night, I couldn't resist the urge and I did it! woohoo!!

The nail polish reminds me of these beetles.

 How cool to have your skin, or in their case, Chitin, change in sunlight.

Well onto my swatches!

On my truck lol

These are all three coats with LA colors base coat and Seche Vite top coat.

This color changes from a purple/maroon, to an olive green/almost yellow color, depending on which way your nail is turned

I noticed in the shade or inside the reddish color is more of a dark maroon, but in the sunlight it becomes an awesome bright purple

I couldn't really capture it's color in these photos.

Like the indent on my middle finger? I did it just for you :)

Blurry goodness


I noticed at the tips of my fingers and at the cuticles when there was wear, it became more green/blue than the rest of the polish.

A very trippy polish, and I am most impressed at only $6.00.

Final Verdict: LUBBS IT!!!! thanks for reading! have a great night!


  1. I LOVE BUGS!!! hahaha, that color does look like the bug. Only if i could get my hands on this. so pretty!

  2. Well I'm glad y'all like it. I loved it myself! @silence, I bought This a few months ago at my Walmart and they never got another shipment So I kinda know how you feel lol


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