Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Swatch = Love :)

So ya, here is a nail look from the other night while I was doing bio homework..Meiosis baby!!!

This is three coats of 'Caribbean Frost' by Wet N Wild Wild Shine. On my Accent Finger, I have two coats of 'Nail Junky' by Sinful Colors

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!!

The Wonder Yellows and Crackle Madness

So although I do have most of the Wet N Wild Fast Dry 2011 line, I have only used two of them before. So last night after posting my polish collection, I slapped on four coats of 'The Wonder Yellows'

 BTW I had the HUGEST crush on Fred Savage.. jsyk :)

Of course that wasn't good enough for me so I brought out 'Broken Hearted' mwah! I love crackle!!

I really don't know why I didn't get pics of 'The Wonder Yellows' by itself, but here is my slant crackle design
China Glaze Crackle Glaze in 'Broken Hearted'

Four Coats of 'The Wonder Yellows' and my tips are still visible... Probably not my fave go-to yellow, but I like it's shimmer.

Do you ever paint your crackle on and then notice that it, for lack of a better word, receded from the side of your nail making it look like you hadn't painted it there?

I really dislike that!!!! lol

Have a great day!!

Target is My Beauty Bag

This is the box all my goodies came in. If you look closer
at the bullseye's they are made up of different kinds
of makeup, glosses, shadows, lipsticks.. too cute!!

This is the Make-up bag that was hiding inside!

Here are all the goodies neatly tucked inside

$25 in coupons,

a Pantene shampoo sample.

Also Nivea Express
Hydration lotion - Which is awesome!!!!

Also I received a sample of Fekkai's Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner

Also I got a sample of Revlon's Color Stay lip gloss in Hot Pink -
I wish I had received another color - I bought the full size just the
other day lol.

Lastly, I received Neutrogena's Naturals Lip Balm - LOVE THIS STUFF!!!
So looking through Nouveaucheap's blog, I found out about a free Sonia Kashuk make-up bag filled with goodies. So I raced over to the site and got mine! I received my bag o' goodies yesterday! Here's what I got...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Polish Collection~it's gonna be a long one (Pic Heavy)

 I'm starting with some single brand polishes, then I'll be going up with how many i have in each brand. Does that make sense? lol, you'll see :D
From Left to Right: Nail Fantasies 'Celestial', Petites 'After Dark'
Love my Nails 'Crazy for you' and Love My Nails 'Red'

NYC 'Sidewalkers' & 'Pink Promenade Creme'

Oke. Doke. 'Camo Loco' & 'Goldilocks'
Borghese 'Raspberry Sorbetto' & 'Stellare Notte'
Nicole by O.P.I 'The Next CEO' & 'It's Possible'

Revlon 'Ocean Breeze', 'Polar Pink' and 'Copper Penny'

Milani 'Disco Lights', 'Silver Dazzle', & 'Gems'
City Colors, These don't have names
First is a shimmer pink, next is a shimmer teal (sort of like a sheer,
shimmery 'For Audrey'), and last is a jelly coral

From left to right: On left, I have no clue lol I've had it forever
middle is 'Purple Ice', and right is 'Berry Red'
Left to right: 'Splendor', 'Matte-ly in love', & 'Frenzy'

'Beetle' & 'Mr. Wrong'

From Left to right: 'Blue me away !', 'Sun kissed', 'Blue it'
'Emeral City', & 'Rockstar Pink'

From left to right: 'Inferno'(Which I LOVE!!!!), 'Morbid',
'Glitz', 'Nocturnal', 'Shield', and 'Lust'
'Tropicalia', 'Under your spell', 'Candy-licious',
'Club Havana', 'Through the grapevine'(My fave!!)
'Disturbia', 'Bite the bullet'
'White tip', 'Night Flight', 'Grape Expectations',
'pink twice', 'Pure white opal', 'Dazzle'
and 'pure white tip'

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hard Candy Haul ~ Eye Shadow and Lip Glosses

Second Part of my small Hard Candy haul! What do you think of Hard Candy? Do you like the payoff for the amount spent? Do you like the packaging? I think it's so cute! So here is my eyeshadow and glosses... mwah!!

 This is Hard Candy's Split Personality Shadow Duo in Dazed. There are screw tops filled with creme shadows on both ends. They screw onto sponge applicators.
Dazed Silver 

Dazed Silver

Dazed Metallic Purple

This is Glossaholic in 'Lush' I love this gloss!!! i wish I had a better camera so I could show you all the flakies in it!!

It tastes and smells like a vanilla cupcake. So yummy...

This also has HUMONGOUS brush! I have some voluptuous lips and this applicator is almost too big for me.

 This is Hard Candy's Plumping Serum in Life Preserver.

If you have ever tried Physician's Formula Plumping gloss, you know how much it plumps and makes your lips look huge.

This does not have the same effect, but they have awesome colors and great glitter! So It def makes up for no plumping :)

Okay Sweeties... have a great evening! Mwah!!

Hard Candy Haul ~ Blushes and Primers

Hola Lovelies!!!
       How are you doing today? I hope well. It's currently raining here in central Louisiana, but I'm on spring break so I couldn't care less lol. 
       So! On to the good stuff.. Have you checked out the new Hard Candy set up at Wal-Mart?! I love all the new products that they've released!! I love Hard Candy in general, you get alot of payoff for a small amount of cash. And as a full time student, that is music to my ears :D

First we'll start with Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Primer. I don't know how I feel about this. It doesn't keep my make-up on any longer than not using it. But I definitely love the texture, and just the smoothness of this product.

Next up we have Hard Candy's  Blush Crush Baked Blush.. please try and say that 5 times really fast! :) I get caught up on the name just saying it slowly lol.

This is in Living Doll. It is a pink and yellow swirled blush. It is very fine, and although it looks light, you can definitely tell when it is applied.

Final Verdict.. Love it!!!
On the left is 'Spicy & Sweet'
On the right is 'Hot Flash'

'Spicy & Sweet' on the left
'Hot Flash' on the right

Here we have one of Hard Candy's newest Blushes, Fox in a Box. This line also includes two Bronzer Duos. and one more Blushing Quad.

I love these that I have. I'm still on the fence about buying the third.

These both have great payoff!! i should have swatched them, but my camera was dying and this is whatcha got.
Again, 'Spicy & Sweet'on the left
and 'Hot Flash' on the right

Thanks for reading!! Up next is eye shadows and glosses!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Borghese and NYC

I only have two Borghese polishes. They are alright..nothing to pay $8.00 for lol. But I do have two, both were on sale when I bought them lol. But on to my nail look of today
I have two coats of Borghese 'Raspberry Sorbetto' and
two coats of NYC's 'Sidewalkers' on my accent finger.

Here is my other hand

I cut some scotch take into small strips. Nothing fancy, but just with scissors, hence they aren't all the same width, lol. I placed them on my nail, painted two more coats of Raspberry Sorbetto, and then took them off.

I got my inspiration for the accent nail from Erika at Chloe's Nails. She is so creative! I love her ideas so much!!!

But this is it.. no clean up!! I'm on spring break and had just woke up from a nap lol.

Thank you Sweeties!!! have a great night!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nail Addicts Anonymous Giveaway

I know I said I wasn't going to blog about anymore giveaways, but this sucka is huge!!! I'm geeking out :) that's how big

Check it out lovelies!!

Tronica Collection

So what do you think of the new China Glaze Tronica Collection? I know it is commonly compared to the OMG Collection released in 2008. I was not obsessed with polishes then so I don't have any of those, But I  have recently obtained all but three of the new Tronica Collection.

From Left to Right:
Virtual Violet, 3D Fantasy, High Def, Hyper Haute,
and Techno Teal

Left to Right:
Hologram, Cyberspace, Digital Dawn, and Gamer Glam
As far as holo-ness.. not as awesome as OMG, and most of the time you have to be in the sun or in a very bright room to see all of it's glory.

I love sparkles and Holo's, even if it isn't much, so I def love these.

I didn't pick up Mega Bite, because frankly it looked like sparkle urine on my nails.

I also didn't  pick up Laser Lime because it really did not appeal to me.

 My Sally's still doesn't have Electra Magenta, but I am hoping to pick it up at some point