Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hard Candy Haul ~ Blushes and Primers

Hola Lovelies!!!
       How are you doing today? I hope well. It's currently raining here in central Louisiana, but I'm on spring break so I couldn't care less lol. 
       So! On to the good stuff.. Have you checked out the new Hard Candy set up at Wal-Mart?! I love all the new products that they've released!! I love Hard Candy in general, you get alot of payoff for a small amount of cash. And as a full time student, that is music to my ears :D

First we'll start with Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Primer. I don't know how I feel about this. It doesn't keep my make-up on any longer than not using it. But I definitely love the texture, and just the smoothness of this product.

Next up we have Hard Candy's  Blush Crush Baked Blush.. please try and say that 5 times really fast! :) I get caught up on the name just saying it slowly lol.

This is in Living Doll. It is a pink and yellow swirled blush. It is very fine, and although it looks light, you can definitely tell when it is applied.

Final Verdict.. Love it!!!
On the left is 'Spicy & Sweet'
On the right is 'Hot Flash'

'Spicy & Sweet' on the left
'Hot Flash' on the right

Here we have one of Hard Candy's newest Blushes, Fox in a Box. This line also includes two Bronzer Duos. and one more Blushing Quad.

I love these that I have. I'm still on the fence about buying the third.

These both have great payoff!! i should have swatched them, but my camera was dying and this is whatcha got.
Again, 'Spicy & Sweet'on the left
and 'Hot Flash' on the right

Thanks for reading!! Up next is eye shadows and glosses!!


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