Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Polish Collection~it's gonna be a long one (Pic Heavy)

 I'm starting with some single brand polishes, then I'll be going up with how many i have in each brand. Does that make sense? lol, you'll see :D
From Left to Right: Nail Fantasies 'Celestial', Petites 'After Dark'
Love my Nails 'Crazy for you' and Love My Nails 'Red'

NYC 'Sidewalkers' & 'Pink Promenade Creme'

Oke. Doke. 'Camo Loco' & 'Goldilocks'
Borghese 'Raspberry Sorbetto' & 'Stellare Notte'
Nicole by O.P.I 'The Next CEO' & 'It's Possible'

Revlon 'Ocean Breeze', 'Polar Pink' and 'Copper Penny'

Milani 'Disco Lights', 'Silver Dazzle', & 'Gems'
City Colors, These don't have names
First is a shimmer pink, next is a shimmer teal (sort of like a sheer,
shimmery 'For Audrey'), and last is a jelly coral

From left to right: On left, I have no clue lol I've had it forever
middle is 'Purple Ice', and right is 'Berry Red'
Left to right: 'Splendor', 'Matte-ly in love', & 'Frenzy'

'Beetle' & 'Mr. Wrong'

From Left to right: 'Blue me away !', 'Sun kissed', 'Blue it'
'Emeral City', & 'Rockstar Pink'

From left to right: 'Inferno'(Which I LOVE!!!!), 'Morbid',
'Glitz', 'Nocturnal', 'Shield', and 'Lust'
'Tropicalia', 'Under your spell', 'Candy-licious',
'Club Havana', 'Through the grapevine'(My fave!!)
'Disturbia', 'Bite the bullet'
'White tip', 'Night Flight', 'Grape Expectations',
'pink twice', 'Pure white opal', 'Dazzle'
and 'pure white tip'
On this note, I just want to say that I no longer want to buy from companies that openly test on animals. So these are the only Sally Hansen's that you'll see from me. They have killer colors and great formulas, but I just don't condone animal testing :/
Left to right: 'NERDS need love too', 'Easy peasy LEMONHEAD squeezy'
'Lady Luck', 'Night prowl', 'Blue moon', 'Tickled pink'
'Blazed', Tropical Splash', 'Dreamy Poppy'
and in the middle 'Kaleidoscope'

Left to right 'Jezebel', 'Carribbean Frost',
'Sunny Side Up', and 'Bijou Blue'

My Wet N Wild Fast Dry Army

'Saved by the blue', 'Teal of fortune', 'FuchsiaRama'
and 'Buffy the violet slayer'

'How I met your magenta', 'Sage in the city',
'Gray's Anatomy', 'The gold and the beautiful'

'', 'SaGreena the teenage witch',
'Silvivor', 'Ebony hates Chris', 'Party of five glitters'
and ' The wonder yellows'

From left to right: 'Scandal', 'Why not', 'Frenzy', 'Pale',
'All about you', 'Mint Apple', 'Queen of beauty'
Down in front: 'Nail Junky', 'Dream On' & 'Bali Mist'

From Left to right 'Gamer Glam', '3D Fantasy',
'Techno Teal', 'Hyper Haute', 'Hologram',
'High Def', 'Digital Dawn',
'Virtual Violet', and 'Cyberspace'
'Naughty and Nice', 'Peace on Earth' and 'Little Drummer Boy'

My Neons!!!! ahahahahahaha
Left to right: 'Purple Panic', 'Flying Dragon'
'Flip Flop Fantasy', and 'Turn up the turquoise'
Left to right: 'Ick-a-bod-y', 'Mummy may I',
 and ' Zombie Zest
Crackle Glaze!!!
'Lightning Bolt', Fault Line', 'Broken Hearted'
'Crushed Candy', and 'Cracked Concrete'
From left to right: 'VIII', 'Limbo Bimbo', 'Lubu Heels'
'Blue Paradise', and 'For Audrey'
Top Coats, and other stuff
'LA Colors Base/Top Coat', 'Nail Magic',
'China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil'
'Nail Life Gripper top coat'
' Seche Vite Top coat' and 'Nailene Top Coat


  1. wow omg that is sooo many polishes. I just got the silver dazzle milani glitter polish and I love te blue color Frenzy and Blue Me Away.. soooooooo pretty! I wish I could find them!

  2. Lol ya I know! I'm almost ashamed:) lol I haven't used Silver Dazzle yet, but I can't wait. Blue Me Away! I LOVE IT!!! lol

  3. What an awesome collection!


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