Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hologram! I love Holoness!!!!

I know I posted once and haven't done so since lol. I'm a full time student with a full time course load so sometimes it's hard to pry myself away from biology and spanish lol.  Anyway here is my look for today

This is super blurry but you can see the rainbow!!!
Three Coats of 'Hologram' 

In this post I'm using 'Hologram' by China Glaze's Tronica Collection. I know alot of people don't like the holoness in these as much as the OMG collection, but for what it is Tronica is awesome.. especially on sunny days :D

this is China Glaze's 'Fault Line' from
their Crackle Gaze Collection

Sorry about no clean up.. I was in a hurry lol. I've read alot of posts about people not liking the way this crackles. Idk lol. It's alrights.. not the best. You have to use super thin coats and then you get the streakiness... I'm glad I have it when I want a purple crackle, but probably would never buy it again
Thank you Sweeties!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I love Holo Too!! Nails look great!!

  2. thanks so much! I think I would just geek out if I did have any of the OMG Collection lol


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