Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tronica Collection

So what do you think of the new China Glaze Tronica Collection? I know it is commonly compared to the OMG Collection released in 2008. I was not obsessed with polishes then so I don't have any of those, But I  have recently obtained all but three of the new Tronica Collection.

From Left to Right:
Virtual Violet, 3D Fantasy, High Def, Hyper Haute,
and Techno Teal

Left to Right:
Hologram, Cyberspace, Digital Dawn, and Gamer Glam
As far as holo-ness.. not as awesome as OMG, and most of the time you have to be in the sun or in a very bright room to see all of it's glory.

I love sparkles and Holo's, even if it isn't much, so I def love these.

I didn't pick up Mega Bite, because frankly it looked like sparkle urine on my nails.

I also didn't  pick up Laser Lime because it really did not appeal to me.

 My Sally's still doesn't have Electra Magenta, but I am hoping to pick it up at some point


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