Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nice Stems!

Last time as I was at Ulta I picked up a pack of OPI's Nice Stems Minis. I like to do this when I'm not sure on any of the colors. In this case, I'm glad I did, because in the end I didn't really enjoy of any of these colors on my nails. They are all great colors, but I just don't have to have full sizes.

This set includes:

 'Play the Peonies'. This is a soft white/pink with a opalescent finish. It is kind of streaky, but any color like this that I've ever tried has been a streaky, and this really wasn't that bad. I used 3 coats.

'Come to Poppy' a soft coral pink. This had a beautiful application. I used two coats.

'Be a dahlia won't you?' is a vibrant fuschia pink! It contains pink micro glitters. It reminds me of CG's 108 degrees from their summer collection. This had a beautiful application. I used two coats

Lastly there is 'I lily love you'. This is a pink jelly topcoat containing rainbow flakies and glitters. This is sheer and is definitely meant to be a topcoat. I used one coat on each look

'Play the peonies'

'I lily love you'  over 'Play the Peonies'

'Come to Poppy'

'I lily love you' over 'Come to Poppy'
'Be a dahlia won't you?'

I messed up my pointer lol

'I lily love you' over ' Be a dahlia won't you?'
Thanks for reading!! I know the pics aren't the best but, I'm getting my new camera soon! ack!! soo bad :D
BTW these were based with Nail Life and topped with Seche Vite


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