Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I got an email the other day from a lovely lady asking if I could whip up some Harry Potter nail art as she is a HUGE fan.. I'm telling you now.. I fell short. I feel so bad because I honestly suck at nail art. I really really do. So I just did some different "designs" and that's what I got! I'm posting this anyway, but in no way do I feel that this is "Art".

Pinkie: WNW Fast Dry in 'Silvivor', Ring: SH in 'Lightening'
Middle: Revlon 'Copper Penny', Index: Love my nails in 'New Love'
and Thumb: WNW Fast Dry in 'The gold and the beautiful'

All the colors I used. Sans 'G&theB'

Scarlet and Gold for Gryffindor

Bronze and Blue for Ravenclaw

Yellow and Black for Hufflepuff

And the one with ridiculous cleanup for some reason :D
Silver and Green for Slytherin

My try at the HP logo

And of course a lightening bolt on my other index finger
And that's that. I feel like I let someone down with my limited abilities :/ I'm going to get better though! Thanks for reading and have a great night!!


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