Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite Summer Polishes

So I have nineteen fave summer polishes that I know I'll be wearing tips and toes all summer long! This is a pic heavy post so get to lookin :D

BTW, sorry for not posting. I've been trying to post this for like a week, but first blogger was being a butt, and then my computer didn't want to have anything to do with me... so ya. But hopefully this will post :D

I used two coats on all, but the neons, in which I used three. Nail Life Gripper based them all and Seche Vite topped them off.

This is Orly's 'Buried Treasure'
A tan shimmer

China Glaze's 'Cyberspace' - of course I had to have a holo!! It's sunny and that's the best time to wear them :D
A tan/nude glitter holo

Wet N Wild Craze's 'Shield' I just love this gold. It doesn't show up well, but it's a beautiful foil finish
A gold foil finish

NYC's 'Spring Street' This is coming out more red on camera, but it is more orange irl.
An orange/red creme

China Glaze's 'Papaya Punch' Love this!! sooo pretty and I'll probably wear it all summer long!
A knockout orange creme

Hard Candy's 'Splendid'
A bright yellow creme

Sinful Color's 'Innocent'
A lemon lime creme

'Jesse's Girl 'Midori'
A bright granny smith apple color with a opalescent finish

Essie's 'Turquoise & Caicos'
A light turquoise creme - reminds me of 'For Audrey'

Hard Candy's 'Frenzy'
A bright teal creme

Jesse's Girl 'Wild Thing'
A bright fuchsia neon

Wet N Wild's 'Candy-licious'
A pink/purple creme

China Glazes 'Strawberry Fields'
Berry pink with gold shimmer and pink glass flecks

Jesse's Girl 'Baby Cakes'
A bright neon pink

China Glazes 'Flip Flop Fantasy'
A bright orange/pink neon

China Glazes 'Senorita Bonita'
A sheer lavender/lilac purple with purple glass flecks


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