Monday, June 13, 2011

Day Full of Firsts!

 So I had a wonderful day of hanging with my mom and a day full of firsts.. My first trip to Ulta, my first Ulta polish, My first OPI polishes, my first time eating at T.G.I.Friday's, my first Sephora trip annnnndddd my first NARS product! whew!! I def had fun but I'm worn out!

These pics are taken with my Macbook, sorry they are backwards lol

OPI Stranger Tides minis. 'Skull & Glossbones', 'Planks a Lot',
'Sparrow me the drama', and 'Stranger Tides'. They didn't have 'Mermaids Tears' or
'Silver Shatter'. So sad!!

Back of the package!

'Skull & Glossbones'

A beautiful muted grey. Reminds me of a tan/grey mix, or a dirty white. Soo pretty!
'Planks a Lot'
A dark lavender. So rich and creamy!

I'm creeping you!!! :D
'Sparrow me the Drama'

A gorgeous rose colored creme
'Stranger Tides'


Reminds me of a moss green/grey mix. Super creamy and so beautiful!

That was all I bought for OPI polishes. I know they aren't full size but they make me happy darn it! :D BTW, they were $12.50

Next up my mom needed a white polish so We got her 'Snow White' by Ulta for $5, but you could get one more for $1, as a deal, so I bought 'After Party'

'After Party' is a clear base with micro red and silver glitters.

Next up we went to Sephora where I picked up the Limited Edition Nars trio. It is in a almost, plush protective case. It comes with 'Orgasm' blush, 'Albatross' highlighter, and 'Laguna' Bronzer. This set was $55.00

I also received samples of Too Faced Tan in a tube, and that's whats on the case.. I'm soooo messy :D

A plastic protector

'Laguna', 'Albatross', and 'Orgasm'
All three are crazy pigmented and all three are pretty sparkly. I really like all three!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great night!


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