Monday, May 30, 2011

Pink Creme Yummyness!

I wanted to paint on some of my un-trieds, but most of those are dark and I wanted bright and shiny :) So as I was searching through my polishes (which is up to 137 now), I found 'Pink Creme' from Sinful Colors. This is exactly what it says lol, a pink creme. This polish also has micro gold shimmer. This reminds me of a muted 'Strawberry Fields' from China Glaze, you can see my post here. I really love this color, it's so bright and summery!!

On to the pics!

Again sorry about the pics, but I am getting a new camera soon! yes! :D Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Satuday Nail Fails

Sorry I'm posting late! I just got off work! Ack! So as fellow users of nail polish (i'm guessing :D), you know that your nail looks don't always come out looking pretty, thus we have Nail Fails. Here is my most recent

This was two coats of 'Lust' by Wet N Wild Craze. You can see the naked polish here. And then I was thinking that I never use my Art Deco polishes and decided to do some "art".

I used Art Deco's in Black, White, Purple, and Silver

 As you can see I placed strokes all over the place. No forethought lol.

Well thanks for reading!! What are some of your Nail Fails?!

These pics suck.. sorry!!

So I'm really sorry about the quality of these pics, but they're taken with my Macbook Pro. My camera is broken. So I don't even know what I'm going to do lol. Anyway.. This is Revlon's 'Blue Lagoon'. This came out with their spring collection last month. This is two coats, and on my two middle fingers I have two coats of Wet N Wild's Wild Shine 'Kaleidoscope'. Seche Vite topped them off

Sorry about the crappy pics, but hopefully I'll be getting a new camera soon.Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nail Junkie.. maybe that name was made for me :)

I know I showed you Sinful Colors 'Nail Junkie' on my accent nail (you can check that out here),  but I wanted to do a full mani with it. And here is what I got:)

 'Nail Junkie' is a teal jelly base with micro green/silver glitter, small green glitter and medium sized holo, hexagonal glitter.This polish is super goopy and thick. It could definitely use some thinner. But even with the thickness, it ended out alright. I used three coats and in some areas you could still see my tips,  but it was fine for me. I used seche vite as my topper.

On to the pics!!

Thanks for reading!! Hopefully your day is drier than mine!! torrential rains, ack! :(

50th Post Baby!!

So today.. my camera broke. Idk really what I'm going to do, I do have a smart phone, but even with that - cell phone pics don't compare to a camera. So we'll see :)

On to today's nail look. I knew as soon as I saw 'Electric Pineapple' from the new Island Escape collection from China Glaze, that I had to pair a crackle with it. I ended up going with 'Cracked Concrete' from China Glazes Crackle Glaze collection. On a side note, have you been to Walgreens and seen the new Sally Hansen crackle collection? They have sooo many colors and they look gorgeous!! They have gold, white, silver, blue, red, hell.. just lots of colors lol! It's days like those that I didn't have a conscience about companies that openly test on animals :D

Anyway.. onto the pics :)

 I am honest to goodness in love with this color! This is a perfect lemon lime creme. It goes on beautifully, pretty much opaque in one coat. I used Nail Life Gripper as my base. And after using 'Cracked Concrete' I used Seche Vite as my topper.

 Sorry this is blurry but this was right before my camera went kaput! :(

Like that chipping? That' what happens when you have a black lab that refuses to believe that nail polish actually needs time to dry :D
Thanks for reading, and I'll keep you updated on whether or not I'll still be posting until I get a new camera. Think you could live with cell phone pics for a month?! ack! I know I'm mortified!!  :D

Have a great night!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Birchbox Mother Madness

Hola Senoritas!! How are you today? I want to apologize for not posting for two days.. fun times in my house lol. Well Sat I came home and was entirely too tired, and last night i came home and my internet was out!! ack!! But alas all is fixed now and I ended up getting two more channels through cable.. yippie! :D

 Three days ago I got my May's BirchBox! I was super excited about this months because I was really really hoping that I would get a Stila eyeshadow like some others got.. and I did!! Anyway here are the pics from this months madness.

I think the reason I'm so excited about Birchbox each month is that I don't go dropping loads of cash on high end beauty and body products. I just can't afford it, so through this program I get to sample these products, see if I really like them and then can purchase them.

A list of what is included, and how much is in a full size and how much a full size costs

A little note :)

I was too excited to open it that i didn't picture the box and unveiling the first bit of tissue.

Where all the goodies were packed away!

An insert from

Well I couldn't rearrange my pics, but this is the back of the card that I was send
This is the front.. do you spot the blue bird?! soo cute!

Inside of the card. Adorable!
Ahava Mineral Hand Cream
This is way too perfum-y for me. It has a nice texture and seeps into the skin for soft hands,
but the smell just gets me!

Archipelago's Triple Milled Pomegranate Soap! This smells soooooo yummy!!
It's so soft, and the soap creates more than enough suds.

If you have ever smelled Bath and Body Works' Pomegranate Passion,
this smells just like it!!!

I was so excited about this!!

'Wisteria' is a gorgeous purple. It has great color payoff and the texture is amazing

this is Blue Chinese Wisteria, just one genome of Wisteria. I think Stila captured the color perfectly.

Lastly I recieved BVLGARI's 'Mon Jasmin Noir'

This smells like a muted jasmine to me. maybe mixed with Talc Powder lol
  Thanks for Reading, Have a great day!